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Why Choose CAHC?

Aviation requires a broad understanding of the technical requirements of flight. Corporate aviation at an international level requires a detailed understanding of aircraft designed to operate ten miles above sea level for up to eight thousand nautical miles, in complete safety, with the ability to repeat such missions for one to two hundred cycles annually, for a twenty-five-to-thirty-year life cycle.

Understanding the design, construction, and maintenance of the aircraft capable of achieving such missions requires a love of aviation, a passion for engineering and a commitment to ongoing analysis to stay abreast of the developments of an industry whose scope approaches $100 Bn worldwide each year.

Through a career path in corporate aviation approaching thirty-five years in duration, CEO Stephen Ramsden has conducted corporate aircraft transactions having a cumulative value in excess of $2 Bn. This history brings with it a storied clientele, extensive industry relationships, and a deep understanding of the facets of the industry.

This expertise allows us to provide the various types of analysis required to determine optimum equipment type, price / value, and expected residual values based upon planned duration of ownership. Experience in technical assessment provides the understanding to identify underlying issues which would require resolution to proceed to acquisition, or which may rise to a level requiring rejection of a transaction.

As a matter of course, we possess the expertise to navigate domestic and international contracts negotiation, and maintain relationships with the aviation attorneys who, in our opinion, are the most qualified in a very specialized field of domestic and international law.

In summary, our commitment is to delivery of a superior aviation solution, both in terms of product and service, which is to the satisfaction of a demanding clientele.

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Member of the National Business Aviation Association

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