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CAHC Partners, for finance, for leasing and for maintenance

Global Jet Capital

GJC is the entity created from the divestiture of GE Capital’s corporate aircraft lease and finance activities from parent General Electric in 2015. It is among the world’s largest specialized corporate aircraft finance and leasing organizations, and benefits from the decades of expertise accumulated by the GE executives who joined Global Jet with the GA asset acquisition. CAHC works with GJC to assist in tailoring funding solutions to suit individual client needs, both in North America and around the world.

CMG Aircraft Leasing LLC

CMG is a special purpose lessor created to fund corporate aircraft for corporate and individual needs in situations where recourse leasing or financing is not appropriate. CMG possesses the specific expertise to assess and commit to special purpose entities, generally in circumstances related to specific project transportation needs in which multiple investors share capital risk.

Maintenance Repair Organizations

CAHC routinely recommends MROs for specific client objectives in aircraft acquisitions, sales, refurbishment and maintenance. With over thirty years of industry experience, we work with those facilities whom we consider best equipped to deal with specific products and tasks. We have long-standing relationships with Gulfstream facilities worldwide, and can speak to the individual strengths of, for example, Jet Aviation Basel, Singapore and Dubai, as well as the GAC facilities throughout the US. On a similar basis, we work with Bombardier and Dassault throughout their service support networks.  Often, a top tier independent MRO solution may be in the client’s best interest, and we work with West Star Aviation, Duncan Aviation and Western Jet Aviation, all of whom are considered among the finest organizations in the industry.

Member of the National Business Aviation Association

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